BEI Consulting supports local, national and international electrical engineering projects. We work to bring electricity to the four corners of the world.

About BEI Consulting

Nearly 2 billion of the 7 billion people on earth do not have access to electricity, including 25% of the 860 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa. The cost of electricity in the limited resource areas of the world can be 5-10 times the rates of developed nations. Often electric utilities do not have adequate generating capacity for customers. The infrastructure can be poorly constructed, damaged by natural disasters, neglect, and conflicts.

This is an unacceptable situation demanding the attention of electrical professionals worldwide including BEI. Solutions are endless from a single photovoltaic panel to full blown microgrid systems with PV panels, batteries, generators, fuel cells, etc.

BEI works domestically serving existing and new clients while supporting our international projects.

BEI Consulting Services

Domestic and International Services

Grid Independent Systems Design

Facility Assessments

Project Scope Development and Schematic Design

Design Reviews

Commissioning Services

Design Services

Constructability Reviews

Design and construction management of sustainable electrical systems.

Master Electrician supervision, project review and supervision.

Why BEI Consulting?

Why should you consider BEI for your project? The reasons are many and briefly highlighted below.

  • We have successfully managed people, projects and systems for nearly 30 years. A good manager must be an outstanding problem solver. A typical project will have hundreds of problems to be solved from inception to completion. After many years of successful problem solving it becomes second nature.

  • Technical expertise is an obvious requirement. Working as a professional engineer and electrical contractor exposes a person to thousands of electrical systems and enhances system knowledge and just as importantly, how to troubleshoot them if they fail.

  • Hands on design and construction around the globe with various organizations including Habitat for Humanity and Electricians without Borders. We have an established network of engineers and construction specialists as well as manufactures and suppliers of equipment. Our relationships reach to Haiti and Africa.

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